SSD Community

As part of our vulnerability disclosure program we established a closed community where we invest back a large portion of the disclosure program’s profits to support the researchers who works with us. For us it’s an easy decision: not only do we want to support the security community and give back to a world that gave so much to us when we were starting out, we also¬†believe in long-term investments and that if we will provide the tools, education and knowledge to our researchers, they will find more vulnerabilities / advanced attack vectors and innovative ways to exploit them.

We sponsor researchers’ workshops / courses / software license / hardware / conferences – flights, entry tickets, accommodation and more!

We are always looking for new researchers to join¬†our community. That’s why we are promoting our “Friend Bring Friend” program. We offer $4,000 to researchers who refer us to a new security researcher that starts to work with us.

As part of our support for the international community, we frequently sponsor security conferences – both international and domestic – from Black Hat USA to community conferences such as DefCamp Romania. We publish the vulnerabilities’ technical details in the blog, Twitter (@SecuriTeam_SSD) and vendor advisories.

We are also proud to give technical and high-level security lectures, organize hacking competitions, CTF events and much more.

How do join? easy, contact us at: ssd(at)beyondsecurity[dot]com and you can join immediately by submitting your first vulnerability description to us. We will guide you through the rest of the process.