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Carder spam or not?

I received this email today:

Good morning!

I inform you about site where people trade in stolen credit cards. As i’m a holder of visa classic i’m sincerely
exasperated at appearing such sites in your hosting. I beg of you to take strong measures and don’t be indifferent to heart-break of other people. This complaint will be sent to the FBI.

Best regrads, Jon Shirov.

At first I was shocked, why would someone allow such a site to still be up even though someone reported it to the FBI. I had to do something.

Rushing to the rescue I looked at the site and it appears to be a pretty straight forward scam-sell site, you come there and buy stolen goods.

Why have I been notified only now I wondered… I looked back in my spam log and what do you know the same email appears more than once in my spam folder with different names, dates and of course email addresses :)

I am not sure what the scam/spam’s purpose is, apparently they want you to go to their site and see what they have to offer – you might be a potential customer to their operation.

I of course didn’t dig in to the site, nor am I interested in buying anything found there – on the other hand I will also not report this to the FBI as the site is not hosted inside the United States (It is hosted in Russia), nor is its domain under a US registrar (ends with a SU).

Whoever knows of a place to report such sites to please let me (us) know.

Hack this and get what ever you want!

Emails from seemingly no where and from no one trustworthy.. haha
“Dear Hacker,

Manish from this side, i have a good hacking project on linux machine, configuration are below: please considue and if u are able to hack  this system our company can pay whatever u want.  or creat custom exploit that provide reverse shell . this server is online [ip address will be dilivered after project accepted by you] after u hack this system u just provide screen shot of any email header from any user on this server…I am sending you some details that are helpful for you.

Linux 2.6.18, sendmail: 8.13.1, apache 2.0.52, and open webmail 2.52

Suspected open ports:
25, 111(rpc), 443, 1720(SIP), 870(unkwon), 80, 79(finger), 110(pop), 143(imap),
3333(dec-notes), 4444(krb524)

and system is protected by firewall have ttl of system is: 53
Network distance: 10 hops.

Send me mail if u are ready to accept this challenge with project cost and time, so after i send IP address of live server, and money will be dilvered by Wire of paypal or bank transfer, any option that u want.”

Emails you will never get

A short list of legitimate emails you will never get, if you have something else feel free to add:

* Lottery winnings – Microsoft is the big winner here, they keep sending me winning notifications, but I just don’t collect :)
* Your doctor’s prescription (probably some obscure medicine might go through, while most won’t) – to buy “cheap” fake medicine
* Your Antivirus renewal notice – trying to get you to install some form of malware
* Your bank’s security notice, and statement – of course its phishing scams
* Paypal payments being done to your name or from your name – phishing scams mainly
* Job offers – I get these money “mule” offers and get paid per call spam
Anything I missed?

Encoded message as an effective spam?

Following up on my previous post on spam, it seems that spam has now gone another step and become not just unreadable – foreign language – but also unreadable to the un-computerized eye:

Subject: Please confirm your message



Wow that is nice, I would sure want to buy an IURPQ1…

This is plain silly it is a Base64 encoded message, but why would my reader open it?

There is indication in the email headers that this is Base64 encoded, but I can’t understand what kind of reader will even try to open it as it seems that base64 encode content inside a body is not common practice unless it is part of a multipart message.

Those wondering, the email’s intention is to show you an HTML  that sells you fake? real? pills.

Agressive Anti-Spam Measures that Cause More Harm than Good

This post had a personal info. I have removed it as I think it is irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make. Let’s just call him “Rick”. A user on a domain I maintain forwarded me an email from Rick explaining why his anti-spam swallowed the email, I replied with a set of challenges to his anti-spam’s filter effectiveness, as well as question the validity of the reasons behind it. Let’s be charitable and just say he did not seem to be open to discuss the matter.

Personal manners aside, this does bring up the greater question of arbitrary spam filters (arguably the worst ill effect spam had on the Internet) and standards conformance.

SPAMing as a Full Time Job?

no spam
I’ve been noticing that most of the spam I get (and nearly all that gets through the filters) arrives during the week, not the weekends. Actually, looking at my spam box, it looks like I receive around twice as much on week days than weekend days.

My point being, and I sure there are some good answers: Is spamming a full time job for a lot of spammers, or even a 40 hour a week job? I’d have to say for at least the dedicated ones, it probably is. Or, do they just figure more people check their mail on the weekdays?

Either way, spam sucks.

Not Microsoft’s Online Lottery


This was just too funny not to share. Read carefully and draw your own conclusions, haha.

date    Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 10:23 AM

hide details 10:23 AM (3 hours ago)


Redmond, WA 98052.
Ref: BTD/968/08
Batch: 409978E

This is to inform you that your email has won a consolation prize
of the Microsoft Corporation 2008 EMAIL DRAW.Your email has won
(£500,000.00)&(Great British Pounds)of the microsoft onlinelottery
promotion Your email address as indicated was drawn and attached to
ticket number 008795727498 with serial numbers BTD/9080648302/08 and
drew the lucky numbers 14-21-25-39-40-47(20)To file for your claims,you
are to contact your designated claims agent
Mr.mike robinson of this

Full Names——————-
Contact Address————–
Telephone numbers————
Microsoft Fiduciary Agent
MR Harry peterson