Know your community – Eva Tanaskoska

On our last blog post “Know your community” we interviewed Orange Tsai from Taiwan. Today we had the honor to interview Eva Tanaskoska!

Eva is 23 years old, just finished her Bachelor studies in Network Technologies and in the near future will move to the Netherlands to work in the information security industry.

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Know your community – Orange Tsai

Happy new year everyone!

One of our new year’s resolution is to promote the security community in different ways – sponsoring security conferences, publish new vulnerabilities and to write blog posts about leading security researchers that work and strengthen their local community.

One of the best things of being part of the cyber security community is that you get to meet great and interesting people along the way. In every conference we attend, and we sponsor quite a few throughout the year, we get to know new and talented researchers.

Recently, we decided to write a series of blog posts on individuals who are part of the community and promote their local community.

We have the honor to interview Orange Tsai, a security researcher from Taiwan, for our first blog post!

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