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Fixing security settings

Since the day I got a new laptop I couldn’t access my online brokerage account. Maybe it was a sign that I should stop loosing money, but chose not to listen. I still wanted to log in to my account and at least see what is going on.

So I called the technical support and asked whats wrong. They were very nice and sent me a pdf that explains how I should ‘fix’ my Internet Explorer security settings (obviously they don’t support Firefox)

Here is the interesting part of what they sent:

IE security settings

When I saw it, I called them and asked the guy if they are serious about these recommendations and if there is any other way to continue working online. The guy was very polite and told me he doesn’t know anything about computers and he will ask someone to call me back. Until this minute nobody called.

Lucky me, I use Internet Explorer only when I have no other choice and that doesn’t happen too often, so ‘fixing’ my security settings does not effect my security too much. Unfortunately, if there was one site I would be really happy to have the best security possible, that would be my online stocks account.

The Internet May Harm your computer!

I have just Googled up some Securiteam pages. Can you imagine my shock when I saw the Google Alert Saying Securiteam can harm my computer?

Active Network Scanning Hacked

Isn’t that great?

Just before I push the Panic Button, I Googled up one more term.

This is what I got:
Site Google Hacked

When I saw this one, I relaxed.

On regular days when you see the message saying “This site may harm your computer” it means that google believes that this site may install malicious software on your computer.
Today Google’s Safe Browsing feature probably freaked out for some reason.

In any case, according to Google, the whole Internet can harm your computer right now, so be careful!

Update: Marissa Mayer wrote in the google blog that the problem happened because the URL of ‘/’ was mistakenly added to the ‘bad sites’ file and ‘/’ expands to all URLs. She also wrote that this problem started at  6:27 a.m. and ended at 7:25 a.m. PST.

SecuriTales is a secure proxy service that allows internet users to unblock facebook, unblock twitter, unblock youtube and unblock google

Hi Goog, where is your user agent?

Net Applications reported this week that one third of the traffic coming from Google’s facilities has no user agent. This report refers specifically to the traffic coming from Google’s employees and not the Search Engine’s traffic.
Vince Vizzaccaro, a senior executive from Net Applications said that they had never seen an OS stripped off the user agent string before. “you have to arrange to have that happen, it’s not something we’ve seen before with a proxy server.”
So what’s Google hiding? Of course, Google, like Google wouldn’t comment on rumors and speculations.

What do you think? Why would they hide their UA?

Who has the keys to your business?

SearchEngineJournal has a story about this guy that gave the keys to his business to Google. Well, not exactly the keys, but he used a Gmail account for all his business emails, and had used the same account for his Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and his own Google Adsense account.
And then one day he woke up and found out that Google disabled his Google account.

google account disabled
From that moment on, not only his Adsense income stopped and he couldn’t access any email he kept in his Gmail Inbox, but all the emails sent to him by his customers were routed to a voided account.
I can’t even think how to start handling such a crisis. What do you do first? I have a few ideas but that’s for a different post.

What the hell was he thinking about when he gave Google the keys to his business?

If you still want to use a Google account for your business there are a few things you should do:
1. Make sure you backup your account on a regular basis.

2. Get your own domain and use Google Apps. This way in case of emergency you can change your MX Records back you to your original hosting whitin a few hours.

3. Never use your personal account for your Google Adwords.

4. Never use your personal account for your Google Analytics.

5. Never Ever use your personal account for your Google Adsense.

Don’t let them catch you unprepared.