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Founder and CEO of "Lingnu Open Source Consulting", Free software activist, maintainer of several open source projects (Postgresql OLE DB provider, rsyncrypto and others). Formerly, Check Point's product security team leader.

Agressive Anti-Spam Measures that Cause More Harm than Good

This post had a personal info. I have removed it as I think it is irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make. Let’s just call him “Rick”. A user on a domain I maintain forwarded me an email from Rick explaining why his anti-spam swallowed the email, I replied with a set of challenges to his anti-spam’s filter effectiveness, as well as question the validity of the reasons behind it. Let’s be charitable and just say he did not seem to be open to discuss the matter.

Personal manners aside, this does bring up the greater question of arbitrary spam filters (arguably the worst ill effect spam had on the Internet) and standards conformance.

Statistics vs. Probability – Did POTRIPPER Cheat?

Over the past few days, some controversy arose about an online poker player at Absolute Poker supposedly playing while being able to see everyone’s hidden cards. These allegations turned out to be true, and attributed to an insider at AP hacking the system.

Before they were confirmed, however, a blogger claimed that the attacks were baseless, and that over time and enough participants, unlikely events are very likely to happen. I am exploring this claim, and putting up my own claim, saying that while the above statement is, in general, true, it does not apply to this particular case.

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