Yet another FD flood.. but cool ASCII art

well, what happened:
1. they couldn’t spoof sunshine’s address.
2. they didn’t manage to do it right (a ‘.’ comes before ‘quit’, y’know).
3. they were mildly annoying with a silly spam.
4. they advertised sunshine’s lecture at defcon amazingly well.

as Sunshine said: “so… who’s coming to my lecture? ;)”

the other ascii art isn’t worth mentioning. just a swastika and “gay*”.

cool ascii art, stick to that guys. other than that, can you please read some smtp spoofing articles from the 1980’s?

oh yeah, and don’t expect emails to arrive at the other side at the order you send them, mkay? silly kiddies.

2005’s BlackHat books, got `em?

There’s a rumour going around about Michael Lynn doing a book signing at this year’s defcon.

What will he be signing, you ask? Why, last year’s BlackHat books. Yes, the ones with the pages of his presentation torn out! :)
If the whispers are to be believed the income from this book signing would be donated to the EFF! Now, ain’t that cool?

In our opinion some of that money should go to cover Mike’s huge legal costs due to Ciscogate, but we are just rumour mongers! What do we know?

We wonder how much these would sell for on eBay, before and after? If they are sold now, their price is about to go up!