13-year old MBR virus – and shipped with Medion laptops

A German company Medion has confirmed that it has shipped laptops containing a MBR virus – public since 1994.

According to Sunbelt the virus is Stoned.Angelina.

Symantec write-up here and F-Secure write-up here (the same name in use).
It appears that the affected model is Notebook Medion MD 96290. Link to the FAQ page of the vendor (German language):

Please check the entry ‘Wichtige Produktinformation zum Notebook MD 96290’.

Update: Or the following permalink www.medion.de/popup_md96290.htm

The number of infected laptops and how the master boot record virus can find its way to the brand new machines (without a floppy drive, I believe) is not known.
But this is not the first time.

Exactly two years ago Creative shipped several thousands Zen Neeon MP3 players containing Windows worm Wullik.B.

And back to 1995 (from F-Secure’s Angelina description):

In October 1995 [Stoned.Angelina] was found on new Seagate 5850 (850 MB) IDE hard disks.

Update #2: There is no a floppy drive included.

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