Mythbusters beat biometric finger print security

i really like this video, which you can watch on youtube

[update] apparently the link above has been removed, but exists in 20 other uploads:

mythbusters is a cool british show that tries to scientifically attack myths. they even use guns. :p
[update] apparently it’s an american show with different voiceovers all around the world.

to be honest, the way they conduct experiments and reach conclusions is somewhat flawed, to say the least, but they are cool, serious and professional (aside for the occasional safety boo-boo). they invest time and resources in building monstrosities to prove points. 🙂

this time, it was about breaking biometric systems with gummy bears! (see bottom of post for references)

i have seen this over at xavier ashe’s the lazy genius a longg time ago, but just made a search to find it again and post it here. in the past, i have studied biometrics extensively and how the systems can be beat. but there is nothing like a short video to make your point for you.

original link is from:

the original public paper discussing this particular technique of $10 worth materials for breaking these systems using gummy bears is from tsutomu matsumoto, a japanese cryptographer, from around 2002.
i don’t think his paper was ever online, but his slides were. they seem gone now at a casual search, but i found some other slides by him:

gadi evron,

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