Oh, did we forget to write “spam” in the subject line?

The Jerusalem Post just sent me an interesting apology today. Here is how I would summarize it:

“We sold the email you gave us to a third party so that they can send you advertisements. Unfortunately they forgot to mark it clearly as spam – no idea how that happened and we’ll ask future spammers to clearly say so when we sell them the list again”.

Of course they are wrapping it with niceties and sincere apologies; I would appreciate a proper explanation on why the email I gave them when I asked to view an article online was later used to send me “alerts” and “updates” not to mention given to 3rd parties I’m not gonna vote for. BTW, this is not the first time I get an advertisement from the jp, but they are usually better disguised as “informationals”.

The Jerusalem Post

Aviram Jenik (an email address reserved only for the Jerusalem Post)

Today 04:37:28 pm


In recent days, registered users of jpost.com have received a paid email advertisement for Rudy Giuliani.

The bottom of this email advertisement stated that it was “Paid for by the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee, Inc.” However, correct practice is to mark such emails as advertising in the “Subject” box as well. Because of an internal error, this practice was not followed. We have taken steps to insure that it will be in future.

We would like to stress again that the content of this advertisement has no connection to The Jerusalem Post newspaper or its online content, and does not reflect the editorial views of The Jerusalem Post in any way.

Commercial Department

The Jerusalem Post online

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