Procrastinate another 2 minutes

I read security blogs to stay current. That’s a lie. I read security blogs for the same reason I watch Jerry Springer. I want to see sociopaths and rednecks nutting up over their 20-minutes of fame. So-and-so is leaving this-or-that blog/company/affiliation/whatever and such-and-such is screwing this guy over with rambo litigation….etc. etc. It’s all meaningless, but it’s entertaining and a great way to kill time if you’re all out of good drugs. I think I might be getting jaded, apathetic, or burned out…hmmm, oh well, it doesn’t matter. Here’s some stuff that’ll help you get through another 2 or 3 minutes of your day.

Perhaps the funniest blog entry that I’ve ever read.

In other news…It’s official – Web application scanners are now so bad that I won’t even use them if they’re free. At this point, I am officially divorced from automated application scanners. What I’ve been using, primarily, is Proxies and Firefox browser plugins. Some folks were nice enough to put together a very nice list of Firefox plugins which make the app pen-testers life much easier. Snag it here


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