Skype’s motherboard serial number spy – part of DRM technology

On Tuesday the blog posting Skype Reads Your BIOS and Motherboard Serial Number started an interesting discussion about the ways to identify the specific Skype user (or something else!).

The Chief Security Officer Mr. Kurt Sauer has released an entry Skype Extras plug-in manager, which states the following:

The EasyBits software includes a form of digital rights management functionality intended to protect commercial software, such as plug-ins, from illegal redistribution or unlicensed use. To enforce these license agreements, the EasyBits framework attempts to uniquely identify what physical computer it’s running on.

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Technically the file was part of this process. But not any more.

Reportedly Skype version (released this week!) no longer attemps to read the serial number.
It appears that the existence of file C:\Users\nnn\AppData\Local\Temp\12\ was reported to Developer Zone community on 16th Dec, ’06 already.

It is not known if the company received or saved the serial numbers.

Download link for the updated Windows version:

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