SpamHaus’ Steve Linford Joe Job

many abuse desks for numerous isps have been getting a fake email message from steve linford. warning against retribution if the spamhaus service is used, with fake information on the court ruling against spamhaus.

you can find more information on this joe job here:

a rokso-listed spammer (william l. stanley) is spamming a large amount of internet service providers’ abuse and support desks with spams giving notice of an invalid illinois (u.s.) court ruling and legal threats to internet service providers that they “will be next” if they block spam from spamhaus-listed spammers.

if you have received such spam with threats to your company or network, please do not respond to it. the spammer has additionally set the ‘reply-to’ address to a address to pretend the spam is sent by spamhaus.

an illinois court without jurisdiction has indeed entered a no-defence default ruling against spamhaus. the default ruling is invalid and in no way affects spamhaus. for further infomation see:

gadi evron,

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