Shaw idiot spam filter yet again

Once again, in a month and a half, Shaw has disabled my outbound email.

For no particular reason.

Oh, sure, the error code says 554, rejected due to poor reputation.  So, like before, I do a lookup.  (For those interested in the stability of DHCP, my IP address is still the same, a month an a half later.  Even after being away for two conferences, and a short vacation.)  So, once more, I look up

This time there is even less information.  Google groups, SpamCop,,,,, and all say I’m clean.  ( refuses to say anything, oddly.)

RFC-Ignorant.Org does say, again, that Shaw itself is questionable.  So, does that mean all Shaw clients are silent tonight?  How big of a CIDR does this affect?  (And why?)  How come I’m the guy who gets picked on?

Once again, Shaw’s “help” “Support” line is of no use.  This time around “Jason” tells me I just have to be patient: the spam guys are looking into something.  He won’t venture any guesses as to what the something is.

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