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I have had Internet access with Shaw Cable for a number of years.  I have been using the same system for at least seven years.  I’m a malware researcher, so I check my machines thoroughly and regularly.

I also know that Shaw has a very bad reputation in terms of spam.  There are a number of  systems that I cannot send email to, since Shaw connected computers, apparently, send a lot of spam and viruses.  I also know that I spend a significant amount of time every day trying to tune Shaw’s very crude spam filtering: identifying and sending them messages they have tagged as spam which are not, and sending them messages they have not tagged which are spam.

Today my wife found she couldn’t send email.  When I tried, I couldn’t either.  We are getting a message from the SMTP server #554, which has something to do with poor reputation.

I did manage to send email through Webmail, and so sent a message to Shaw’s technical support.  (Finding out, when I did so, that they changed the technical support email address in December, without telling anyone.)  They responded about three hours later.  Rowell, the person making the call, blamed everything on  Rowell denied that this had anything to do with blacklisting.  He also denied that he was saying that my computer was sending any spam.  He said that if I did not send any email for the next two days, that would fix the problem.  He refused to say why there was any indication that my computer was in any way at fault, or offer any evidence that I was sending out spam or viruses.  He also refused to escalate the problem to anyone who was either higher up and could do anything, or anyone who had any technical knowledge about the problem.

Shaw is now in my dirty words file.

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