Nessus 3.0 and the trend.

With Nessus 3.0’s promising enhancements and updates, one would normally
rush into updating. Unfortunately, it’s not provided as it used to be.
Only specific Linux distributions and FreeBSD 5/6 have been chosen as the
initial binary releases–only the CVS repository is available. What about
those using Solaris or Windows? Well, they’ll have to wait their turn. It
seems Tenable Network Security is doing what seems to be a scary trend.
Open Source, Tested, Used, Trusted, Mature, Limited Support/Availability.
With Snort, the community rules are horrible, the registered member’s
rules are mediocre and you need to pay for the VRT certified rules. RedHat
did the same thing, but instead of completely telling the open source
community to shove it, they released Fedora. Well, how else are they going
to use the open source community as a test bed? It seems the days of free
speech are coming to an end while the days of free beer are gaining
ground. Money makes the world go ’round but don’t tease us geeks with free
stuff. I hope my view and paranoia is entirely wrong and this is just a
figment of my imagination, else the open source community has a one-way ticket to the history books.

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I am an information security specialist--primarily self-taught, the rest was college. I enjoy the art of the shell... with that said, it goes without saying that I wear my custom UNIX hat proudly among the end-users and luser's alike. I'm incredibly opinionated but unorthodox in that I am open-minded. I like starbust jellybeans, caffeine, cold medicine, stockpiling usb flash drives, amateur radio, digital photography, jeeps, firearms, business-ethic debates, sharpie brand hi-lighters and permanent markers, new balance tennis shoes,

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