Mac Virus update

I know, there ain’t no such thing!

Well, we could have a lively debate on that topic, but not right now.

On this occasion, I’m just letting anyone who wonders what happened to the Mac Virus web site (, which I inherited from Susan Lesch some years ago, what’s happening with it. We have nothing to do with the cobwebby sites at and, or with, whatever that is.

The URL actually redirects to my own Mac page at Small Blue-Green World site, which now re-redirects to a WordPress page. If you want to go straight to the Mac Virus blog, you can go direct here. It’s still malware-oriented, of course, and, is likely to become more rather than less active in that area.

In fact, most of my Small Blue-Green World content now resides on blog pages. ESET content is still blogged at, of course, and AVIEN content is blogged at

Confused? Me too…

We now return you to your normal programming. Scheduling, that is, not coding. Unless that’s what you’re doing at the moment. Oh, never mind.

The next time I blog here, it will be about a proper security issue again. I hope.

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David Harley

David Harley has worked in security since 1986, notably as security analyst for a major medical research charity, then as manager of the NHS Threat Assessment Centre. Since 2006 he has worked as an independent consultant. He also holds the position of Senior Research Fellow at ESET. His books include Viruses Revealed and the AVIEN Anti-Malware Defense Guide for the Enterprise. He is a frequent speaker at major security conferences, and a prolific writer of blogs and other articles. If he had any free time, he would probably spend most of it playing the guitar.

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