Robert Who?

As part of some research into the security risks of social networking, I did an ego search on myself.  (Hey, it’s legitimate research, all right?)

On Altavista, the first hit was the Wikipedia page someone created about me.  The second result was which I hadn’t known existed.  As well as correctly listing his published books, this page informed him that me that I was mentioned on the Wikipedia entry for the RISKS-Forum Digest (which is a definite ego boost).  It also provides a photograph of someone else.  As well as two pictures I didn’t take, and three videos I have nothing to do with.  Two different boxes provide links to buy books, some of which are mine, and most of which aren’t.

I expected to find entries that weren’t me: I know there are a lot of Robert Slades on the net.  But it’s a bit weird to find out that there is a domain about me that I didn’t know about.
I also found the church I’m buried in, so currently I’m not feeling too great …

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