“Security is a thing of the past”

I recently talked to my friend, a nice guy but with limited computer skills, and what he told me quite amazed me:

I stopped caring about security, I no longer install Microsoft patches unless they install themselves automatically, I don’t upgrade my antivirus, antimalware or any other protection mechanism, I simply can’t spend the time doing it – my work is not my computer – the computer is a tool for me you can’t expect me to be an enigneer and fix my car right? so why is this expected from me with my computer?

Why was he talking like that? well simply put he is tired, he is tired of worrying about his computer security, about whether his antivirus is the latest, whether his malware prevention works, whether the patches are needed or not.

Security has become such a burden on the simple people that they are no longer caring about it.

And don’t get him wrong, he is a good guy, he even recently upgraded his hardware to accommodate his new OS installation of Vista – this because he was “promised” that Vista resolved all the security issues and that everything will be seamless – security wise – but of course it isn’t.

Vista is no different from previous OSes, XP promised and failed and I don’t see how the next OS will be able to deliver on its promise of secure OS.

Before you jump and say move to Linux, my friend here hasn’t the option to move to Linux as he needs several programs critical to his job that aren’t available for Linux – of course there are alternatives to them, but he is a professor not a kid, he has work to do with these programs and he can’t now just switch to a different OS and different programs, he has jobs to hand in, and research to do.

I am not sure what I can do for him – beside comfort him 🙂

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