Overview: Hack in The Box Dubai and Troopers Munich

So, I’m back and now have some time to write about my travel in two amazing security conferences:
Hack in the Box in Dubai and Troopers in Munich

Both conferences are really well organized and with an amazing content! (I’ll not give my opinion about the each talk, mainly because I have not paid enough attention in important talks).

In HITB the after-conference party was sponsored by Argeniss and was in a boat – amazing drinks and view around Dubai Marina… In troopers we went to a typical Germany
place (old era) to eat an amazing meat (pay attention, please… I’m Brazilian and I’m saying it’s an AMAZING meat over there), sponsored by ERNW.

Back to conference content, in both conferences I had enough time to exchange ideas with attendees and speakers… Troopers received a lot of system administrators from
companies around Germany, which was important to me to better understand the security ideas they have in Germany. Also, some legal discussions about the new laws in this
country (I’m better informed now).

HITB Dubai this year was bigger then in the past year, but the CTF game was not so funny (there is no money involved, hehehehe)… Our team at Scanit (Oger Systems R&D Lab) won
(to be honest, Chaitanya Sharma from Scanit India passed the Zone-h web challenges steps and Julio Auto the reverse engineering steps – I just gave a lucky hint in the latest one – a off-by-a-few overwrite).

Lots of well known names went to Dubai this year, just to tell some: Skyper, Cesar Cerrudo, Alexander Kornbrust, Raoul Chiesa, pdp…

Troopers surprised me!! Really… It’s a new conference, but lots of important guys went there: Alexander Kornbrust, Andrew Cushman, Dan Berstein, Raoul Chiesa, Ariel Waissbein…

Anyway, now I’m back to Brazil (yeah, I left Scanit) to work @Check Point… good luck to me, hope to see you guys in some conference (why not Hackers 2 Hackers Conference in Brazil? – http://www.h2hc.org.br).

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