The SecuriTeam Blogs system comes as a medium where security professionals can freely share their thoughts, musings, information, research, news and whatever else they like, while focusing on security or security related (Privacy, Spam, Reverse Engineering, etc.) issues.

Together, we provide with up-to-date information on security, and keep things interesting, vendor and hype-free.

Many of us already have personal blogs elsewhere, but write in SecuriTeam Blogs to reach a wider audience which is specific to security, contribute to the blogs being up-to-date for the readers as well as write about pure security that just doesn’t fit in some private Blogs.

It’s an alternative to hours spent digging through dozens of mailing lists and news sources, as well as an addition to our daily routine. From Information Security Management through funny stuff and gossip all the way to Vulnerability Research.

We are all individuals, and represent ourselves rather than companies we work for. The authors own the rights for what they write, as well as the responsibility.

You can join and write with us too.

Enjoy, and contribute if you like.

The SecuriTeam Blogs community.