The exploit code of well known Microsoft Internet Explorer createTextRange DoS Vulnerability is remarkable popular. This has been proved by a counter located at site, visible at its Remote type codes view.

At time of writing the counter lists almost 13 000 visits. The Windows Metafile exploit code has about 9700 readers and it was more than two months ago. The number crossed 10 000 early on Monday. The code appeared to the site late on Thursday. Both of these codes has the same author ‘darkeagle‘.

Microsoft really has several reasons to patch outside of their monthly cycle with more than 200 malicious sites exploiting this flaw.

Before you drop a comment, Google has only seven links to this exploit code page. 😉
Update: 29th March #14:25 UTC this code listing has 14 000 hits.
Update #2: 30th March: newer Metaspolit exploit release has about 2530 hits.
Update 7th April #19:00 UTC: The counter says 18600 now. Metasploit exploit has 8600 hits and Download Shellcoded Exploit released later has 4200 hits.