in a recent bugtraq post gadi evron (admittedly, also a blogger here) wrote about community standards and how “we as an industry” got used to lousy service from vendors when it comes to timely patches or high levels of false positives.


he had some good points and clarified them in a later bugtraq post, as well as in his blog. but…

who cares?!
he compared us to ~@!q#!~!~@@$ toads!
what’s that all about?

good points or not… burn!
thor (hammer of god) replied, completely burying Sunshine. yeah, we love our fellow blogger, all for one, fellowship of the ring and all but thor – that is da shit!


so sunshine, how does it feel to get smacked with a hammer from god?

thor’s cool post can be found here. thor definitely gets our thumbs up! for improving buggytraq(*) this month.

we all love meaningful replies with the main idea of “you suck. you should not write what you wrote, and therefore i will post this, coz you did. but should not. and then i posted …”. anyways, Sunshine was completely “humbled” by this flame (or in other words, stfu). finally some good flames on bugtraq. since fd became moderated (almost :p) bugtraq’s moderation could not resist the hammer of god’s strike.

now Sunshine – you know we love ya, but hey man, quit while you’re ahead. you’re not supposed to actually answer thor!

may that be the beginning of cool flame wars on bugtraq. now that n3td3v is fading out and gobbles is gone, our little space is getting boring…

kudos to Sunshine for being a sport and not getting mad about this post. but here’s a suggestion for you: take our advice and stay quiet for a while 😉 of course, except for this blog.

(*) credit goes to larry seltzer for this perfect name/description. what’s with all the out of office messages? recent count showed there are more ooo bounces than actual bugtraq subscribers.

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