hackers @ microsoft, MS’s place for white-hat (and blue-hat) hackers

New blog has been opened at MSDN Network Blogs section.
The opening post has officially – at last- informed the following fact:

We employ “white hat hackers” who spend their time pentesting and code reviewing applications and software looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities so that others don’t once we’ve released that code into the wild.

It’s interesting to see if they will share information about BlueHat activities via this blog too.

But the link itself here:

  • Not_real

    BlueHat already has a blog http://blogs.technet.com/bluehat/ so what could be sharing more from strictly internal blog. Just check that, and MSRC blogs and you get information sharing.

  • http://networksecurity.typepad.com/ Juha-Matti

    Thanks, I was aware of BlueHat blog. Maybe the new blog doesn’t handle activities of blue hats, but new point of views to the recent vulnerabilities etc.