Cryptome updates its database: NSA surveillance works globally

When putting together all six updates of IP address listings released at it appears that National Security Agency knows very well what is happening in cables of companies, which are very familiar to us.
The newest August update Latest Updated NSA-Affiliated IP Resources 6 includes the following ISP’s and organizations: 3G Mobile, AT&T, Akamai Technologies, Amazon, Apple, Deutsche Telekom, eBay, Google, Microsoft,, Qwest, and Xerox Research Center.

From Tokyo Japan,the listing knows NTT Communications Corp., from Warszawa, Poland Netia Telekom, from Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland TeliaSonera and from Vaasa, Finland VLP.
As always, Mr. John Young doesn’t disclose his sources.

  • Kickass

    Hmmm…I see my home Broadband provider in Stockholm here…what does this really mean?

    I see that the IP-range – [] [] []

    seems to be the IP-range in where the Bahnhof customer DHCP-scope lies. How can this be affiliated with the NSA??

  • Jordan

    Clearly it means that you are a spy, though might not even realize it yourself. Turn yourself in to the nearest re-education center immediately.