Buy stuff from spam mail

Finally after years of receiving it I tried to buy something out of the spam I got, but damn it is difficult, and who is to blame? the spam killers – filters, finders and removers, because of them I can no longer read what the spammer is actually trying to sell me :) even worse when I do call the guy up he is so amazed to hear someone call him that he asks me to call again as he is in his car – kudos to lev here :) .

Here is a sample of what I mean:

Subject: The MFC library shipping with Visual C++ 4.


u){e} [N](e)[w][s] To I^mpact {C}{V}
C^hina You.TV {C}{r}

Sym*bol: [C]{T}[V]
We (a)(v) alre-ady {s}[e]{n} CYT+V’s m,arket i+mpact befor#e climbi_n.g to {o}[v][r] $2^.00 {w}{i}(t){h} (n)[e][s]< .>
P^ress Relea`se:
C-hina YouTV’_s Cn^Boo {e} (S){i}[t][e] R+anks [N][o]< .>[1] on M.icr*osoft {i}{v}[e] S+earch E-ngine
CnBo*o Traff.ic Increa,se*s [4]<9>< %> {O}[v] (T)(o) M+onths
{R}[a][d] [t][h](e), th_ink a*bout {t}(h)(e) impa`ct, and

on {h}{i}(s) f+irst thin`g Tomo#r+row m^*orning! $0*.42 is a (g)(i)[f][t] at (t)[h]{s} pr_#ice…..
Do (y)[o][u] homew+or-k (n)(d) w_atch (t){h}{i}(s) tra*de Mo,nday mo,rning.

What is this? :P I can’t read this! even if I tried I wouldn’t spend so much time trying to read it, as I don’t spend much time reading other types of perfectly legal advertisements :P .

  • Juha-Matti

    This is true!

    Let’s buy something with the numerical spam I received this week:
    From: oo186 @
    Subject: 366932
    Message Body: E4f49AF2

    It’s very difficult ;-)