Mozilla’s JavaScript fuzzer – Opera’s best friend

Window Snyder, the head of security strategy at Mozilla Corporation wrote this week about the Opera’s way to use Mozilla’s fuzzer for JavaScript. Mrs. Snyder is pointing to the post of Claudio Santambrogio from Opera Software:

While running the tool, we found four crashers – one of which might have some security implications.

When we are reading news like this from Microsoft and Apple?

  • Ted

    Regarding MS, you should read Security Development LifeCycle stuff – they have been doing this for years. There’s no reason to shout world anymore if doing something as MS is currently quite much strongest in development lifecycle in security. This opinion is shared by e.g many reversers, security researches in the world. Just do your homework and you will find that as well.

  • JS Fuzzer

    You can download the fuzzer from here: