“so who’s your favorite?”

two years ago tomorrow blogs.securiteam.com will celebrate its second birthday. the first post (oddly numbered “2″) was written on july 25th, 2005 when we had only a rough idea on what we want the blogs site to look like, except that we wanted people with passion for security to fill it with content other people with passion for security will like to read. hopefully we’re on the right track.
sunshine, sid, noam and juha-matti all picked their favorite posts, highlighting some of my favorites as well. but if i had to pick one post that i especially liked and that reflects what securiteam is about, i will go with sid’s accidental backdoor by isp. the post has all the right characteristics: a full disclosure of a gaping security hole, that spilled over from the matrix into the real world when sid’s account was disconnected by the offending isp. then the register published the story and it turns out bethere was notified about this problem over a year before it was exposed by sid – arguers for full disclosure couldn’t have planned it better themselves.

i have to admit, though, that in my favorite posts list there’s a close second, also by sid, published only a short while ago. foxnews to become a wiki has a similar full disclosure effect, with the added value of dino-kiddie-porn.

lets hope for another year of exciting security stories, full disclosure and just plain fun.