Foxnews to become wikinews? has taken an unsuspected turn and become an open wiki site. For more info see Summary:

While browsing around the Fox News website, I found that directory indexes are turned on. So, I started following the tree up, until I got to /admin. Eventually, I found my way into /admin/xml_parser/zdnet/, in which, there is a shell script. Seeing as it’s a shell script, and I use Linux, I took a peek. Inside, is a username and password to an FTP. So, of course, I tried to login. The result? Epic fail on Fox’s part. And seriously, what kind of password is T1me Out. This is just pathetic.

And here’s something just too funny, something I hope will turn up on

Raptor porn

(originally located at, this is a mirrored copy)

  • Sam Spade

    The original article at linuxinet has been deleted, and the problem fixed – guard that dinopic with your life :-D

  • Sid

    Thanks for the update, will do :D

  • MrGutts

    Thanks kinda funny..

    I really can’t stand the foxnews site, to damn cluttered. I like the fox folks, just not that damn site.

  • Alex

    Btw: It all started here, where people have lots of other hilarious pictures from the site mirrored

  • ffxiv gil

    Thanks kinda funny..