New Worm Found In Apples?

A security researcher going by the name of InfoSec Sellout has claimed to have found an undisclosed security vulnerability in  mDNSResponder which he is claiming is remotely exploitable.

At present there is only a prrof-of-concept worm that will leave a file on the system to prove that it’s been exploited, apparently though modifying the payload on this one is a trivial task. This has currently only been tested on Intel Macs, as the author does not have any PPC hardware at his disposal at present.

As yet, the author has not notified Apple about this one, as he does not want to give incomplete research results, but more importantly he is also waiting for compensation from unnamed sources, so this really is an interesting one.

I’m going to try and set up an interview with the author and see what other info he is willing to disclose.

Here’s a few links on this one: