How to sleep with any woman you want – on the first date!

Yeah, I hate sensational titles with little to no substance just like you do. But I guess at google corporate people are so used to dealing with titles in their search result and adsense products they forgot somebody has to write the content behind the “title” tag.

The sky is falling! So says google in the most content-less article I’ve read since Paris Hilton was released from prison. We can’t tell you how, or why, or how to fix it, or any really useful information besides the fact it is a problem in Java. But we’d really want you to know there’s a problem, or else we wouldn’t have released this information from the leak-proof google security team.

Is the vulnerability even real? Well, does it matter? Disclosing a vulnerability without details is the equivalent of the sound of one hand clapping (here’s an explanation for all you google guys. See, unlike you I try to explain myself).

By the way, I stumbled today on a vulnerability in the google search engine that allows me to take over every browser who visits Or maybe I didn’t. But feel free to tell zdnet about this phenomenal discovery. That, and my foolproof method to sleep with any woman on the first date (which I won’t disclose due to clear and imminent threat to the human race).

  • Jack Daniel

    I think the ZDNet article is pretty useless, but the underlying story is not. Covered much better at:, including relevant CVEs (CVE-2007-2789 and CVE-2007-2788), vulnerable version and patch info.

    Now, about these women…