Ansible: Langford and LeGuin, take note

this is a forwarded message from a mailing list i am on. i wrote on my fun blog, but figured it is cool enough to be sent here as ot:.

from: rick moen

the ansible has been patented.

—– forwarded message from dan fingerman —–

date: thu, 12 jul 2007 18:04:18 -0700 (pdt)
from: dan fingerman
subject: patent for hyper-light-speed antenna

u.s. patent no. 6,025,810 is titled “hyper-light-speed antenna”. it
claims an antenna that can send and receive information faster than
the speed of light.
the background of the invention is described:

all known radio transmissions use known models of time
and space dimensions for sending the rf signal.

the present invention has discovered the apparent existence
of a new dimension capable of acting as a medium for re
signals. initial benefits of penetrating this new dimension
include sending rf signals faster than the speed of light,
extending the effective distance of rf transmitters at the
same power radiated, penetrating known rf shielding devices,
and accelerating plant growth exposed to the by-product
energy of the rf transmissions.

the patent is available at: