iPhone default passwd: Won’t people ever learn?

i’d expect this from new software companies, maybe. but the big ones seem to keep doing this.

default passwords, especially in widely distributed devices, are bad. no, really. enough with these already.

iphone root password cracked
we managed to obtain and crack the hashs of the user passwords for the iphone os. more information could be found at our development wiki here (link removed).

edit: cause you digg people broke the poor wiki:

the password for root is “alpine”
the “mobile” user accounts password is “dottie”

is it sick to have root pasword to all iphones worldwide? well not really, there is no terminal yet to login :p


gadi evron,

  • http://kuza55.blogspot.com/ kuza55

    You’d also think that they’d randomise TCP sequence numbers, but that’s clearly not for Apple either: http://dmiessler.com/archives/1436
    But I can’t really say I’m surprised considering how much they cared about TCP sequence numbers in their desktop OS.

  • http://www.utdallas.edu/ir/security/ Paul Schmehl

    You don’t need console access if you can login remotely. ;-)

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