Two years old!

it’s been a long two years, and blogs has under-gone many changes. heck, we now have 15k unique readers a day (not including rss) !!
the main point behind blogs is that although we aim to provide with high-quality content, our content-generation is done mostly by our fellow site visitors. sometimes it’s busy, sometime’s it’s better. it’s always done in the same spirit and open to peer criticism. more importantly, it’s fun. :)

sometimes we speak of news, other times of concepts and then again on low-level assembly. it is what interests our visitors which they (us) write about

one of my personal favorite posts of all time was the one by dmitry, speaking in a very funny tone about our industry. :)
how to get a job with pen-testing team.

truly, a must read! the comments on that post are especially good.

before i wish us all a happy birthday and an even more productive future which we can use all we learned so far to get better in… here’s what i learned first when i started blogging, and it isn’t about security or writing…

i like mailing lists, and i participate on some, depending on time and interest concerns. before i started blogging with securiteam, i used to be more active, and felt these different discussion forums were a home. i had a problem.
i’d start talking about something there and say to myself “hey, why not write about it in blogs?” and i would. or the other way around, i’d blog something and say “hey, wouldn’t this interest community home #21?” :p

i went through several phases before settling down on what was best:
1. email in that i wrote about something in my blog.
2. email in just a bit or a summary, as i don’t want to write twice, and send a link to my blog.
3. copy the entire blog post, and add a link (which was useful when updates to the text were made).
4. include a link to your blog in your signature.
5. email in a copy, and unless i have a specific reason, don’t mention the blog.

i keep seeing other people repeating the above process (more or less), with minor changes as to which step comes first, and what is considered acceptable. some people call them spammers, others just smile or pout. one thing is for sure, it is something many new bloggers who were part of at least one community before their blogging days, go through.

my problem is that i am my own worst critic, and had to feel comfortable with posting. my solution ended up being #5 (althought #4 is also okay, as critics of that one are just nit-picking flamers). more specifically, i decided:

“stop worrying. post what you want where you want, and try to avoid duplication. do not mention the blog. mention url to the blog only when you have a reason to, such as *necessary* updates that will follow.”

so, even if i did like the idea of people hearing of my blog (obviously), marketing was far from my main intent. i didn’t like the fact it ended up appearing like spam, in their eyes or in mine.

i learned how to participate in these communities while having a topical blog, which for some reason was not as straight-forward for me originally.

i enjoyed these past two years on blogs, and invite you all to start blogging with us.

what was your favorite moment on blogs? :)

happy birthday!


  • MrGutts

    Bahhh this post sucks! :)

    I liked the pent test job post as well. Funny.

    So when are you guys gonna revamp the main securiteam page to look something like this site?

    and Happy Birthday..

  • Aviram

    MrGutts, you’re rubbing salt on our wounds here :-)

  • Darknet

    Happy birthday to the Securiteam blog :)