Happy birthday securiteam blogs

As other recent posts have mentioned, these blogs have just turned 2 years old. In order to celebrate the event I wanted to look back at the archives and find a post that stood out. This is hard when you’re talking about a blog of this high calibre. I started various popular posts, they were all very well written, technically and linguistically, so I had a hard time choosing. I decided to take an alternate route, I decided to read the posts that were made around the time I joined the site, the ones that convinced me as to the greatness of this blog.

I went back to January 2006 and one post in particular jumped right out at me; Interview: Ilfak Guilfanov. This was a great post addressing what at the time was a major issue and something that made me realise just what type of people make up this blog. I suggest you have a read of that post and other similar great posts, they make great reading for a Monday morning/early afternoon.
Happy birthday blogs, may your next 2 years be even greater.

  • MrGutts

    Happy belated birthday cup cakes. :-P

  • http://www.neeao.com Neeao

    Happy birthday securiteam blogs!
    I’m chinese! From china!