In memory of Michael Lowery

it is not every day that a member of our community passes away, especially not in such a fashion.

i feel very badly, and hope the family gets through this without unnecessary difficulties on top of what they already have to face. :(

“i’m sorry” doesn’t really cut it and i feel uncomfortable saying it. i am honoured to quote this blog post by randy abrams of eset, michael’s co-worker and friend, instead:

not your typical security blog

sometimes you just have to take a step back and appreciate what really matters. security is important. the problems we face are enormous and can cost a lot of money to deal with – even more if not dealt with correctly. but for all that, there is something much more valuable – our friends.

we at eset mourn the loss of one of our friends who passed away on memorial day weekend. mike lowery was our training manager. a highly talented and skilled individual, mike possessed a smile and heart that warmed all – he was the consummate professional and friend.

the measure of our loss is equal to the blessings we received in knowing and working with mike.

as we continue our work at eset we will all endeavor to honor his memory by making eset the best company we possibly can. great work, great fun, and great kindness are the attributes to which we at eset can best aspire in order to honor the memory of our dear friend.

randy abrams
friend of michael lowery

Sun Shine.

  • Suzanne Mark

    Could you please tell me if this Michael Lowery went to Arizona State University and was a musician as well?

    Please let me know! I am looking for my friend.