I love Spidey! I hate Spiderman III

i figured it is high time for an off-topic post, and it was so off-topic i ended up just moving it to my “fun blog” which i haven’t updated in over a year.

here it is just for kicks:

a friend recently wrote to the sf-hackers mailing list that she loved spiderman iii. i couldn’t resist writing how much i disagree with her. (sf-hackers is a mailing list for hackers, security dorks, old nanog and ietf folks, etc. who love science fiction, anime, comics, etc.).

honestly? i’d suggest to people to skip it. i love spiderman. his sarcasm rulez!!!111!!11111111

i didn’t like the movie.

reasons vary from too much b/s (rambling, crying, crying, rambling, more crying) to comic abuse (as a friend said “did they really put these two girls together in one film? might as well have brought in lois lane”).
did i mention the crying yet?

they were very comic-faithful in other occasions, though, such as the church bell scene, and there were many scenes only devoted fans probably understood (mostly with old men in them).

also, what’s with having 3 bad guys in one movie?!

as to the friendly neighborhood spiderman jumping on flags, i found it quite cool considering it’s spiderman iii. everything after it made me realize just how disgusting hollywood movies are these days with politics everywhere (even 300 – spit – had a “for freedom!!” element).
the movie could only be more ideological if it mentioned iraq. as a good friend said: “that’s why they don’t make a captain america movie!”

i had fun, but as i read in some sf forum: “you laughed when you were supposed to cry, and cried when you were supposed to laugh”. another comment there was “i came ready for auntie may’s lecture, but this movie was really just too much!”

all the foreplay, no game. in the same forum i mention above someone suggested just watching the action scenes would be great (about 10 minutes out of the very long movie). i got reminded of a british late-evening (get back from the pub) show not many brits have actually watched – coupling. amazing show. cult for me.

in coupling, jeff often watches movies in a very similar fashion (not exact quote):
“yeah, the nudity in that movie was amazing!”
“jeff, it was just one scene!”
“depends how you watch it!”

i’d rather watch a coupling re-run, than spiderman iii.

[important note: not the failed us version of coupling]

yes, as bad as it was i did have fun. i contradict myself? that’s nothing new. i love supporting different view-points, even (or especially) if they are mine. :p
on that note, at defcon 14 (2006) someone spoke with me on how i liked defcon after a prolonged discussion between goons in the speaker room on what they thought, i said “i’m having fun” or something in that playground. paul vixie was not convinced and chimed in: “don’t take sunshine’s viewpoint on these things, his country is currently in war being bombed, and people die over there.”. i am not sure if he was suggesting i am not in touch with reality or being overly optimistic, but i tend to believe both of these have some merit.
as usual, not an exact quote.

gadi evron.

  • erk

    lol, what?

  • Tom Anderson

    Well for one thing, Spiderman is a series of movies meant to not be taken with political implications. For example, if the President of the US were to watch it right now, would he care about any references to his type of job in it? Probably not!!

    While I won’t go into detail about how much I liked the first two, but in certainly the third (and I agree with you), it needed much more polishing and elbow grease before they should’ve ever called it the “third SM movie”.

    In other words, what I’m telling you is that this type of movie doesn’t necessarily have to include “real-world everything”
    in it, I mean, c’mon it’s simply should be entertainment!

    Tom A.