Malware went commerical

In a post by Brian Krebs in the Washington post, Brian describes how Virus (malware) makers have started to spend cash on buying sponsored links of high-profile keywords which get regularly visited by poorly patched people so that they can infect them with malwares.

One such high-profile keyword is the BBB, the Better Business Bureau, which as you would guess it most average joes would go to visit and will look for, while buying something like Slashdot won’t :) .

This of course is an interesting move, though not so much unexpected. I can see an “legit-company” coming soon, where a company of such malware distribution will have an R&D – create new malwares and find new vulnerabilities, Marketing – buy high profile keywords, or generally get people interested in your malware infected web site and Sales – sell bot nets and infected/hacked computers for money type of organizations.

  • Sam

    Nice writeup, check one more link on same lines at

  • Mila

    “The bad guys” just keep getting more and more tricky. I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy, yet I would have never though to think that some of the sponsored links might be malware. Thanks for that tip!