ZERT Patches ANI 0day

ZERT patched the ANI 0day April 1st, for more information on the ZERT patch visit ZERT’s web page:

1. Technical information.
2. Why this patch was released when eeye already released a third party patch.

The newly discovered zero-day vulnerability in the parsing of animated cursors is very similar to the one previously discovered by eEye that was patched by Microsoft in MS05-002. Basically an “anih” chunk in an animated cursor RIFF file is read into a stack buffer of a fixed size (36 bytes) but the actual memory copy operation uses the length field provided inside the “anih” chunk—giving an attacker an easy route to overflow the stack and gain control of the execution of the process.

With the MS05-002 patch, Microsoft added a check for the length of the chunk before copying it to the buffer. However, they neglected to audit the rest of the code for any other instances of the vulnerable copy routine. As it turns out, if there are two “anih” chunks in the file, the second chunk will be handled by a separate piece of code which Microsoft did not fix. This is what the authors of the zero-day discovered.

Although eEye has released a third-party patch that will prevent the latest exploit from working, it doesn’t fix the flawed copy routine. It simply requires that any cursors loaded must reside within the Windows directory (typically C:\WINDOWS\ or C:\WINNT\). This approach should successfully mitigate most “drive-by’s,” but might be bypassed by an attacker with access to this directory.

For this reason, ZERT is releasing a patch which addresses the core of the vulnerability, by ensuring that no more than 36 bytes of an “anih” chunk will be copied to the stack buffer, thus eliminating all potential exploit paths while maintaining compatibility with well-formatted animated cursor files.


    good patch

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    Thanks for helping!!! a least someone is taking care of Msoft’s prisoners …. ER… customers even if they won’t!!!!

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    good patch