LinkedIn Spam

today i received via email a request to join as my contact on linkedin. i did not know the guy by name so i emailed him.

in response the guy offered me a job.

a few minutes later i saw bounces on my server with the same request to email addresses that must have been harvested online.

a few questions arise:
1. how did the guy manage to send so many linkedin requests? did he really?
2. according to some friends, they get similar spam for months now that they just started ignoring linkedin requests. can this constitute a joe job?

what do you think?

gadi evron,

  • aviram

    I didn’t get this linkedin spam. Should I be insulted that I’m not popular enough? :-)
    (or maybe my baysian spam filter blocked it?)

  • aviram

    Ok, I finally did get the spam last night. Maybe the spammer is reading your blog? :-)

  • sunshine

    He claims to be reading Bugtraq, I think he is harvesting online as he emailed one of my mailing lists, and his messages bounced for not being subscribed.