MS OneCare last in anti-virus tests – what’s the future

Austrian AV Comparatives Web site tested 17 AV products – including several free anti-virus programs as well.
Link to the test:
(select ‘Comparatives’ and ‘On-demand comparative / February 2007′)

Microsoft’s Live OneCare was the only product receiving result under ‘Standard’ level and it detected only 82.4 percent of malware. There are many well known vendors with the result of 97.9 percent. And the winner received the result of 99.5 %.
OneCare’s detection of polymorphic viruses was poor as well, says the report.

This is not the only coverage test published, but AV Comparatives will release more similar tests later this year. We will see if the result will change.

  • sunshine

    AV testing is a very difficult task. I don’t know how good the Microsoft AV is, but I do know I wouldn’t put too much into this test until I know how it was done, what the testing environment looks like, what the sample pool looked like, etc.

    I don’t have much faith is this type of testing except that it is clear better testing is needed, and that when bad testing is done it hurts the AV vendor for months to come.

  • Anand

    Im a newbie to this group as well as the Security Industry.Joined McAfee only one month back.
    Even i wanted to know how these tests are carried out.
    Its a very interesting peice of information.The link is not working however.

    Do give me some information in case you can and time permits as to how these comparisons are done.

  • Jason DePriest

    From AV-Comparitives site: Please link ONLY to our main site and not to the other subpages.
    It’s forbidden to use/provide our test results/documents on other sites without our permission.
    If you find anything on other sites, please inform the forum/site admin to remove it.

    Go here:

    Follow links.

  • sunshine

    Apparently their policy is as silly as their testing appears to be.

  • Juha-Matti

    Link fixed, they don’t accept direct links pointing to the frame ‘ergebnisse_2007_02.php’.
    Please use instructions mentioned at the post now.

  • Jason DePriest


    andreas clementi’s faq at the bottom of the page where you select which report you want to see is actually pretty thorough.

    it details his testing environment hardware and software as well as how the virus samples are managed, sorted, stored, and accessed.