Disclosure of the week (1): Opera 9.10

There are many ways how to disclose the vulnerabilities.

This is the Opera Software way:

1. Release new 9.10 version of the browser (Dec 18th ’06)
2. Don’t publish any information in the Security section of official changelog
3. Check if iDefense will release their related advisories
4. Release two knowledge base advisories
5. Update the changelog with no revision history or Last Updated date
6. Wait if users will not notice your way to act

  • http://- Anne W.

    Hello, how sorry to hear this! For me Opera always was the best, but since few months I also use Firefox because of unknown problems in Opera. And still I enthousiastically recommended Opera to family and friends! This is no good for Opera, nor for Opera Users, I hope they change their policy; I recently – finally – received answer from them about 2 trojans i found in my Opera! Now it works fine again, but it gave me a “crash-feeling” about Opera. Hope they act otherwise next time! regards, Anne