IE7 on Linux

Ever fancied running Internet Explorer 7 (or even earlier versions) on your Linux machine but didn’t find an easy way of doing it – admit it, wine doesn’t work that smoothly – IEs4Linux is the solution for you, check it out, or the complete guide.

From the security perspective this should be a lot safer than running a full-blown Windows machine with IE on it, but you need to still be cautious as this is IE we are talking about :) .

  • Anthony Ettinger

    IE7 is not supported with ies4linux. although 5, 5.5, and 6 are.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I could understand if IE 7 were a decent browser, but it’s not… more of a liability. What exactly is the draw of using enabling technology to run an inferior browser on an otherwise solid operating system? Isn’t IE7 on Windows bad enough?

  • CCC

    Actually what I like best about this, is that I can test my web site without needing to use VMWare (which is pricey)

  • Anthony Ettinger

    The 2.5-beta supports IE7 flawlessly – the only bug I found is that with the MS developer toolbar, “ViewDOM” doesn’t work.

  • Om Upadhyay

    All said and done, there stiil are (lots) of sites coded in asp that need IE to work properly.
    [My college site, and now some of the portals of the company I work for have the same issue.]
    So until they migrate their sites, I guess IE on linux is a welcome. :)

  • Will Marshall

    In response to Matthew Murphy:

    Primarily for webdesigners. Most of the market uses IE, and getting things going in IE is tricky at best. If you don’t have access to IE for easy testing…you’ve got some problems.

    I never browse the web in IE – I just use it to access local files I’m working on at the time. It sucks that I have to, but that’s life.

  • Terces


    How about using a service like browsercam dot com (spam filter on this blog filtered the URL).

    You could also use VMWare Player; it’s free and you could even use your existing VMWare image. Also you could use the p2v conversion tool from VMWare to covert your physical drive to a virtual image and use the player – no snapshots while using the player but you don’t need that to view your website.

  • Steven

    Linux & Internet Explorer? Ew, but sometimes necessary. Some websites just require IE. Yes, it would be great if we could say “oh screw it, I’ll just go find another website,” but the world doesn’t work that way all of the time.

  • g463

    IE7 is so good, I want it on my leet distro red hat enterprise.

  • hoSSohbeT

    Actually what I like best about this, is that I can test my web site without needing to use VMWare (which is pricey)

  • Sohbet


  • Qnix

    Nice post.
    if i where using windows, i will never use IE7 then why would i use it in Linux
    it’s the most buggy application the world saw!