GSM scanner/receiver project

THC has decided to donate 999$ to the GSM scanner/receiver project, these guys have decided to help people build cheap GSM scanners/receivers. It is important to support such projects as people tend to think of GSM (and other cellular protocols as secure) as it is “impossible” to just play with it without spending hundreds of dollars buying GSM receiving equipment.

  • http://NIL Rajesh

    Have you been able to get somebody to design a GSM scanner/receiver. I understand that this equipment is already available on the market.

  • Gabriel

    Are you sure it’s available ? Can you name a few ?

  • Nobody

    The simplest solution would be to reverse engineer an existing interceptor and build it cheap. Most of those seen look like a laptop running special software a PCMCIA card with an antenna. Therefore it should be the software that is the hard part.