CCC: Monochrom, hackers and art

one of the greatest surprises for me at 23c3 was my personal introduction to monochrom (wikipedia page), a group of hacker artists from austria. i know jacob appelbaum.. but i had no idea about the austrian group, or how great they are.

in very simple terms they are artists, very contemporary and very very scene-connected. life hacking, real hacking and any type of hacking, these guys are just l33t. we need to get them a stage one evening at defcon so they can play for us.
as a quick introduction to them, sing along with their rfid song (special for 23c3). i know i did… (although i couldn’t follow their german songs, danke sounded like a lot of fun – yes, i saw you singing fukami!)

for their lecture at 23c3, which is very cool and presents a lot of very interesting art projects heavily relating to hacking (not work safe! porn! could be considered very offensive! pg18, etc.) download the wmv:

some of the projects they discuss include porn, indeed, but others are more interesting. they created an entirely fictional artist (georg paul thomann) and had him represent austria in an international art show (and “save” taiwan when china wanted them out of the show). they showed (both by using 50 real euros and with a mathematical calculation) how many times it would take to blow the several trillian euros in circulation by going to a bank and exchanging to usd and euro again and again, etc.

cool people! rfid!!
gadi evron,

  • grenz

    hey! thanx a lot for the nice post!

    just wanted to tell you that we just put two mp3 versions of the “rfid song” online —>
    we just recorded the songs at the studio of the local community radio station here in vienna.

    best wishes