More CCC Presentations and Videos

other presentations i enjoyed, which i just noticed online:
pdf george danezis, introducing traffic analysis

wmv georg wicherski, automated botnet detection and mitigation

wmv gadi evron, fuzzing in the corporate world (yes, mine)

wmv ilja van sprundel, unusual bugs

pdf ilja van sprundel, unusual bugs

wmv michael steil, inside vmware

more here [mirror]. all mirrors, etc. can be found here. i hope everything becomes available soon.

gadi evron,

  • dmitryc

    I watched your presentation. good job. I sometimes wonder whether Kaminsky ever works. I was at Owasp autumn of code a few months ago (in Seattle) and ran into him in a bar … what a life ;)

  • sunshine

    Thanks. :)
    Dan is a great guy! He is really cool, too.

    As to my lecture, I hope I didn’t scare you too much with my critical mass. I am creating my own gravitational field these days.
    Some people commented you can’t swear when lecturing.. imagine that?!

  • dmitryc

    light was still escaping from you…I think you’re safe for the time being ;)