CCC report: day 0

today was day 0 of ccc (chaos communication congress, in berlin), meaning, although there weren’t any lectures and although there were only a few dozens to a few hundreds of visitors at any given time – it was still fun!

early in the day (around 15:30) i went to the conference center expecting to pick raven and go for food. i expected it to be empty, boy, was i wrong. there were at the very least 5 folks outside in the cold, and at least 10 folks (more, but i saw 10) inside the center itself. mostly just staff.

after meeting up with raven and registering with the conference (greets maha), we went for some dinner. i just got some french fries (i’m sure you wanted to know that). when we got back there was already a 200 meters line for the registration booth (not that it was open) and dozens of people in all the chill-out areas. we walked around the building and met up with some cool people (greets andy, jake, fukami and many others).

things really kicked up when we discovered the phenoelit hang-out below-decks and got beered up by fx, mumpi and the rest of this cool group. later on, kaminsky showed up… got jumped (literally) by fx and yours truly, and the rest is history. there have also been some surprises, such as a very cool led flashlight i got from a very cool guy who ended up being john gilmore of gdb/eff/etc. fame.

i had to leave at around 1 am to catch up on some work before the big first day tomorrow (now today), but on the way i met up with ilja (of fuzzing fame) and one cool yet poor fellah whose laptop’s bios was wiped clean at midnight (and he lectures 8 am sharp)… the list of folks goes on and on.

germans really know how to have fun, and drink. ccc is definitely going to be interesting in its 23rd year, and it is worth it both from the technical side (talks) and the networking side. the first day is coming up, and one thing is for sure, there’s going to be a lot of beer (althogh this “official ccc drink – mate – really grows on me!)

note to self: study german. note to defcon: get ccc style on-site food.

note to world: bad black jokes are allowed in germany, with younger crowds, anyway.
gadi evron,

  • C C C

    Hope you have fun :)

  • CCC

    This is the 23rd CCC? Wow I am old :)

  • Martin aka maha

    hi sunshine! thank you for mentioning me… unfortunately, i was so busy that i didn’t have the time to blog so far, but i’ll do so after the ccongress is over! have a good time!

  • nnp

    Must really go to the next one of these. Anything good fuzzing related this year?

  • sunshine

    Don’t know if good, but I gave a lecture on fuzzing in the corporate world:

  • hrm

    Rav3n – the oldskewl israeli bsrf boy?

  • sunshine