Mac OS X 10.4 Security Checklist

Well, I know that this is a bit of a shameless plug, but I also think that it’ll help out anyone who tasked with securing OS X in any way or form. I’ve just finished working with a bunch of guys on putting this checklist together for the SANS S.C.O.R.E section on their website, so take a look and I hope it helps someone out. It covers all the basic parts of securing OS X, and is more than sufficient to get a lot of people started, and to end up with a much more secure OS X installation.

Any comments highly appreciated.

  • Daniel Cuthbert


    We have been doing a hardening paper for OS X, since Panther, and currently doing one for Leopard. I think using both the Sans Checklist and our hardening guide would benefit anyone wanting to secure their OS X install.

    White papers can be found here

  • xyberpix

    Thanks Daniel, appreciate the feedback on this one.
    I definately agree that working through both papers would be a damn good idea for anyone.

  • John Taps

    At least Virex or VirusBarrier are currently repairing files (word, or native malware) not just what it is mentioned.