Evil twin WiFi hackers know their target – rich people

Bogus hotspots aka ‘Evil Twins’ was found in the first class lounge of an international airport, and in garages that specialise in expensive cars that offered Wi-Fi while you wait, reports Iain Thomson of Vnunet.

The article defines the evil twin like this:

So called ‘evil twin’ attacks involve putting a wireless access point near a commercial hotspot and giving it the same name.

The company interviewed by the reporter sees this threat as ‘Wireless phishing‘.

  • LonerVamp

    People making terms for known issues is really not helping our field. “Evil twins” is just a more cartoony way of saying “rogue AP.”

  • http://prozacville.com Prozacgod

    An interesting side note, some friends of mine in my old apt building both had wide open AP’s. I told them that they really needed to at least setup WEP, and would help if they wanted it. Both acted like it wasn’t a big deal, so I setup my laptop with 2 wifi cards, one connected to AP A the other connected to AP B – then logging into AP A I turned off its DHCP feature, and changed its IP & subnet – I then bridged the two wifi cards together.

    Now victim A’s dhcp requests got forwarded to victim B and I setup my laptop manually to route my traffic throught victim A.

    I then explained to them both that, I now have free internet from your open AP, and all of your internet is being routed through the other guy.

    And I’m going to download lots and lots of movies, new released cam rips and when the mpaa calls you … ;)

    I think they got the point. Then we setup WPA2 on both.