Band Assists Fans in Ripping Their CD

The music band Switchfoot has posted in their forum a guide to ripping their newly released music CD.

The most interesting aspects of their guide is this sentence:
my heart is heavy with this whole copy-protection thing. Many PC users have posted problems that they have had importing the new songs (regular disc only, not the dual disc) into programs such as Itunes. Let me first say that as a musician AND as a music fan, I agree with the frustration that has been expressed.

Moreover they state that:
We were horrified when we first heard about the new copy-protection policy that is being implemented by most major labels, including Sony (ours), and immediately looked into all of our options for removing this from our new album.

Which is very interesting when it comes from a band whose – ideally – sole purpose is to sell CDs.

Highlights from the guide:
1) MacOS users have no problem “Ripping” the CD i.e. importing it to iTunes

2) Windows users that “accidentallyhaven’t installed the copy protection program, can use a program called CDEX to rip the CD’s tracks

3) Windows users that “accidentallyhave installed the the copy protection program, will first need to save the songs into Microsoft’s WMV copyrighted/protected format, then burn the WMV files to an Audio CD. Once this has been completed they can then rip back to unprotected WAV files