My name is Macarena and I’m PoC virus for OS X

The fact is that it is not so often when malware for Mac systems come to public.

There is new information about Proof of Concept virus for Macintosh systems available. From the new writeup:

Infects other files when they are executed in the current directory, regardless of file name or extension.

Additionally, the known infection length is 528 bytes, lists Symantec writeup.

The name of this new virus is OSX.Macarena.

Update: The following blog entry of Ryan Russell has a coverage list of recent Mac malware.

  • Ryan Russell

    Excellent. I’ve been waiting for a file infecter to complete my collection, thanks!

    OS X malware

  • xyberpix

    Anyone got any more info on this one?

  • Juha-Matti

    Blog entry of Ryan L. Russell added to entry is worth of reading!

  • nacho

    i whant to know how i can search if my compiuter is infected with Macarena

  • Elisa

    I opned a web site searching for pictures and pop up in the same window a warner about a virus in my mac, and sugest me download a zip file for antivirus. I dont know if i should open this zip file. What do you think?